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Taho! Coffee Bundle - Set B


AAH x Type A Taho! Bundle - An ode to mornings in Manila

In collaboration with @andahalfph to celebrate their 11th anniversary, we are relaunching a limited edition Taho Bundle.

Choose from 2 sets of bundle designs that feature the photography and designs of And A Half’s Petra Gana and Corinne Serrano.

What's in This Bundle:

  • 1 x Taho! Milk Mixer (325ml) - a soy milk mixer, sweetened with house-made arnibal
  • 1 x Tublay Cold Brew Concentrate (200ml) -   a seasonal cold brew concentrate made with locally harvested washed Arabica beans from Tublay in Benguet 
  • 1 x And A Half Sticker Pack (9 stickers)
Product Notes:
  • Taho! Milk Mixer (325ml):
    • Ingredients: soy milk, brown sugar, vanilla, coco sugar, pandan
    • One 325-ml bottle makes 3-4 servings
    • Suggested serving size: 80 to 100 ml
  • Tublay Cold Brew Concentrate (200ml):
    • Ingredients: filtered water, roasted coffee beans (100% Washed Arabica from Tublay, Benguet, Philippines)
    • One 200-ml bottle makes 4-6 servings
    • Suggested serving size: 30 to 50 ml
Preparation Instructions:
  • Give your cold brew and taho mixer bottles a gentle shake.
  • Fill a glass with ice.
  • Pour 1 part of Tublay Cold Brew Concentrate.
  • Add 3 parts of the Taho! Milk Mixer for a “taho latte”.
  • Swirl, taste, adjust. Play with your to get the balance of flavors you like!
Storage Instructions:
  • Taho! Milk Mixer (325ml):
    • Keep refrigerated.
    • Best enjoyed within 5-10 days.
    • Once opened, we recommend consuming immediately, or within 5 days if kept properly chilled.
  • Tublay Cold Brew Concentrate (200ml):
    • Keep refrigerated.
    • Consume within 4 weeks

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