El Union Horchata Bundles

El Union's signature horchata is sweet and refreshing — and will make you feel like you're back at the beach! It comes in two variants: dairy (or the original flavor) and vegan, both made to mix with Type A cold brew.

These horchatas are super fresh
-- so please keep them very cold and take extra care especially during transit. They are best enjoyed immediately, and consumed once opened! #horchataparty 🥳

Bundle Options:
If you're returning an empty Glass Bottle: 

Due to limited stocks, you may purchase 1 bundle per order 🖤

Product Notes:
  • Each 500-ml bottle of horchata makes 4 servings
  • Suggested serving size: 125 ml
  • Ingredients:
    • Dairy variant: rice milk, dairy milk, cinnamon, vanilla & brown sugar 
    • Vegan variant: rice milk, oat milk, cinnamon, vanilla & brown sugar  
    Storage Instructions:
    • Keep refrigerated.
    • Consume immediately.
    Preparation Instructions:
    • Shake your horchata well!
    • Fill a glass with ice.
    • Pour El Union Horchata and enjoy!
    • For a dirty horchata: We recommend mixing 3-4 parts of horchata for every 1 part of Type A, but feel free to play with your ratios to make it stronger or milder!
      Shipping Information:
      • Pre-orders placed on May 7 will be scheduled for dispatch between May 7 to 14, 2021.
      • For this month's drop, the first 20 orders for pick up can get their bundles until 4pm the same day! You'll get a shipping confirmation email by 2 pm if you're included :)
      • As always, kindly wait for the shipping confirmation email which will include the confirmed pick up or delivery schedule for your order. This will be sent no later than Monday, May 10, 2021. 💌