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Amazing coffee delivered straight to your door.

From the recipe book

A different kind of cold brew. You can taste their careful selection of beans in their concentrate, bringing out dark and juicy notes. Versatile and easily paired with different drinks—from soy milk to fruit juice.
Mokka L.
Great customer service! Even greater product. Perfect for coffee lovers. Cold brew is good too. They also have syrups and milk alternatives like coconut milk and different nut milks. A one stop shop for your coffee needs.
Lander I.
So good!! Potent enough to wake the dead.
Claudine L.
I love Type A's cold brew! I always have them in stock. Lifesaver in the new work-from-home set up we have. Very rich and strong taste sans the burnt or sour taste. The folks behind it are very helpful and accommodating. Best part is their shop is a five minute walk from home.
Jase T.
This is a kind of establishment that seems to have a boss with a heart warming care to talk to...
Berting M.

Dispatching Mon-Sun during Shared Space store hours

Type A Shared Space

No. 7 Sheridan corner Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong City

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