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About Us

When our co-founder, Danielle Canlas-Torres, came back from Central America hunting specialty coffees from the most sophisticated farms in the world, she wanted an easy morning fix to add to her rotation at home. 

Danielle Canlas, Type A's founder


Having tasted the best coffees on the ground (she once had to slap herself after popping a coffee cherry into her mouth), she set out to make her own version of “instant” brew. But how to make one that’s consistent, clean but also convenient? 

She set out grinding, in her kitchen, some beans she and her partners had brought in and roasted from Panama. She liked the smooth, natural sweetness of the roast, which she steeped, then strained into an old Antipodes bottle she kept in her fridge for easy decanting into a glass with ice and water - and boom, a face-slappingly special cold brew coffee at 7 AM! Or whenever she felt like it.

Years later, she has refined her home brew into Type A, a premium cold brew concentrate. Enjoy the pour, the swirl, the hearing of the ice crack when you add milk or water. That’s the beauty of an “instant” - it leaves you more time to savor the present.

Help us close the loop!

In 2018, as a cold brew delivery service, we decided to make the switch from plastic to reusable glass bottles in order to reduce our contribution to waste. If you want to be part of this effort to be more sustainable, simply purchase a refill. It's that easy!

Shared Space

In 2020, Type A opened its pickup point called Shared Space. Connected to a roaster and bottling facility, it's a place to taste, talk and gather around coffee, including our very own line of single-origin coffee beans.