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Help & FAQ

What is your order and delivery schedule?

You will receive an email confirmation once your order is ready for pick up, or scheduled for delivery.

How do we settle payments?

Payments can be made via any of the ff.:

  • Bank Deposit (Unionbank)
  • Credit Cards 
  • GCash
  • Maya
  • PayPal
  • Cash on Delivery

How long do your coffee products keep?

Our cold brew concentrate is best consumed within 4 weeks of brewing. We also put that date on the bottle cap.

For our coffee beans, we also indicate the roasting date on the bag, and recommend to consume it within 6 weeks from this date. In case you requested for it ground, we recommend brewing this within 1-2 weeks from grinding. 

For our fresh milk mixers, these are best consumed within 5-10 days from the bottling date on the cap. Once opened, we recommend consuming immediately, or within 5 days if kept chilled.

How do I store your coffee products?

For our cold brew concentrate, we recommend to keep it refrigerated.

For our coffee beans, keep it in a clean and dry area. You may also keep it in an airtight container if you have that on hand. Room temperature is fine!

For our fresh milk mixers, please keep them chilled.

For the cold brew sauceKeep refrigerated and consume within 4 weeks.

For the gelatoKeep frozen.

I ordered a refill. How should I get my empty bottle back to you?

For deliveries, simply turn it over to our rider when they deliver your freshly filled bottle/s.

For pick ups, you may swap your bottles at our Shared Space if you are picking it up yourself. In case you're using a courier service, you would have to book a round trip in order to return your empty bottle to us. In case you need help, please feel free to send us a message!

What if I just want to return an empty bottle?

You may email us at type-a@can.ph or send us a message with your number of bottles to surrender and we'll schedule a trip to pick it up.

We accept all the bottles we use for recycling - including the ones for our syrups and milk mixers.

Thank you for helping us close the loop!

Can I refill my own bottle of cold brew?

Yes, we now offer refills by the 100ml for Php 80. Simply email a picture of your personal bottle to type-a@can.ph to get started.

Where are the beans from?

The beans are directly sourced from producers in Panama, in collaboration with Origin Coffee Network.

Do you deliver outside NCR?

Yes, we do accept orders outside NCR.

For the cold brew concentrate, these include add-on fees and special packaging. Just include a note to us when you're checking out! 

For the coffee beans, we have nationwide shipping that starts at Php 200.

How do I order wholesale?

Send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Are you open to collaborations?

Yes! Just send us a message on Instagram or Facebook, or email us at type-a@can.ph with your ideas and we'll get back to you right away.

Any other questions?

Just email us at type-a@can.ph.